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CTL – Faculty Work Group (FWG) Description and Application (May 2014 – May 2015) First application deadline May 5, 2014

CTL – FWG ALS Online Application (please read below for more information, before you submit your application!)

Faculty Work Group (FWG) Description

What is a Faculty Work Group (FWG)?

A faculty work group is a group of 8-10 faculty who are committed to making a specific contribution to a CSU system wide initiative or program.  Participants propose individual projects to address initiatives or program outcomes. The FWG is facilitated by CTL mentors and meets as a group to:

1. participate in project specific professional development

2. network, project trouble shoot, and provide peer support

3. disseminate project results

Group meeting frequency, days, and times vary by FWG

The following Faculty Work Group (FWG) is open for application:

A. Affordable Learning Solutions and Student Success:

Description of CSU Initiative: What are Affordable Learning Solutions (ALS)? The CSU system’s Affordable Learning Solution (ALS) Initiative works to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible instructional materials for a variety of disciplines and establish the infrastructure and culture to support ongoing creation and adoption of low cost instructional materials.  Because of the high cost of traditional instructional materials such as textbooks, it is estimated that 30% of students never purchase the instructional materials, from any source, even if they are “required”. To address this problem the CSU has implemented and piloted digital rental, e-book, custom publishing, self-publishing, and open educational resource (OER) options for instructional materials.

ALS Faculty Work Group Objectives: Faculty participants will evaluate current instructional materials for their course and examine a variety of new options for creating, sharing, and providing access to instructional materials.  Faculty mentors with expertise in technology, accessibility, and open educational resources will provide professional development and consultation to faculty participants as they complete a project that reduces the cost and/or improves access for students to instructional materials. Each faculty project will become a case study illustrating how traditional instructional materials can be replaced by a diverse collection of affordable options and accessible pathways.

ALS Faculty Work Group Participants will:

a)  Pilot at least one AL$ change into one or more courses

b)  Minimize cost of instructional materials by using bookstore, library, learning management system, and Open Educational resources.

c)  Document changes in cost of instructional materials and impact on student learning

d)  Complete an assessment report containing evidence of fiscal impact and changes in student learning

Participation Requirements, Benefits, and Agreement:

  • Full time or Part time Sacramento State employment and authority to select instructional materials for Fall 2014 and/or Spring 2015 courses
  • Commitment to attend 3 2-hour FWG meetings. Exact dates and time TBD based on faculty workgroup participant availability
  • Commitment to implement new instructional materials by Spring 2015 semester. Deliverables (pre and post survey of instructional material expenditures by students and final report) due May 1, 2015
  • $1000 Stipends awarded upon submission of FWG final report

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