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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Teaching Institute (TI) was a great hallmark for the CTL in the 2009-2010 academic year. Since the inception of the TI, over 500 faculty members have participated and conservative estimates suggest that these faculty members have taught as many as 15,000 sections and have served over 400,000 students in these classes. Each Teaching Institute culminates with a CTL sponsored Teaching Showcase the following March.

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Past Teaching Institute Feedback

"I got a wealth of information on how to look at pedagogy and delivery of key concepts. A chance to reflect on assessment and approach my redesign [of my course] with some new criteria."

"I value the talent and strength of the colleagues who presented here and the resource of the CTL and university for supporting such a magnificent opportunity."

Teaching Institute Updates

Center for Teaching and Learning Summer Teaching Institute

May 26, 27, 28, and 29, 2015

Application Due: Monday, Feb 16, 2015 before 5 pm

Apply online here!


Course Redesign for 21st Century Learning


Why should you apply?

  • You want to learn new ways of engaging students and collecting evidence of their success
  • You want to know what new technologies might improve your teaching and student learning
  • You want to figure out why and how learning happens (or why it isn’t happening!)


How will the Summer Teaching Institute help?

  • Focusing on faculty course redesign projects the Teaching Institute will provide:
  • Opportunities to use and practice diverse pedagogy strategies and technologies to improve student learning
  • Mentoring and consultation from faculty motivated by cutting edge best practice and research in teaching and learning
  • Hardware and software resources for mobile technology implementation. Faculty will have the choice of either an iPad or Surface Pro tablet device!


Participation in the Summer Teaching Institute is a year-long commitment to:

  • Attend the Summer Institute Workshop: May 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2015, 9 am – 4 pm
  • Attend two follow up days:
    • Workshop Day: Wednesday January 20, 2016, 9 am – 12 noon
    • Showcase Day: Friday March 4, 2016 12 noon – 1:30 pm
  • Submit a poster illustrating the course redesign project for the March showcase
  • Provide student success data from the redesigned course


Apply online Here!


In addition to personal contact information you will be asked to answer the following:

  • A. Have you participated in a Summer Teaching Institute in the past 3 years? If so, which year?
  • B. Please tell us about the specific course you would like to redesign. Enrollment capacity, structure (lab, lecture, discussion, etc.), and where it fits into your department’s curriculum (GE, major, upper or lower division, etc.).
  • C. Please tell us about your course redesign ideas and describe what resources and training you anticipate needing.
  • D. Current technologies (such as SacCT, electronic books and mobile devices) as well as emerging methodologies (“Flipped” classrooms, collaborative learning, learning analytics) is impacting the way students learn and university faculty teach. Tell us about your current use of technology and your interest in emerging methodologies.


Eligibility and Priority Consideration:

  • All full time and part time Sacramento State faculty employed between May 2015 – May 2016 are eligible
  • Priority consideration may be given to tenure track and tenured professors, lecturer faculty with multi-year contracts, and applicants with compelling project proposals.


Questions? Please call: Center for Teaching and Learning 278-5945 or e-mail to ctl@csus.edu

Summer Teaching Institute Theme: Course Redesign for a New Generation

The Center for Teaching and Learning has just received a grant from the Associated Students Inc. to fund two graduate student teaching assistants to attend this summer’s 2014 Teaching institute, May 27- May 30. The application guidelines, participation responsibilities, and selection rubric will be the same as those for faculty.  Only two spots are available and the application period is very short., May 12-19, 2014.  Please forward this to interested students in your courses and departments.  We are hoping to take advantage of this last minute opportunity!


Who should come?

  • Faculty interested improving student learning
  • Instructors who want to redesign a specific course
  • Faculty interested in piloting new technology
  • Full-time and part-time Sacramento State University faculty


What are the benefits of attending?

  • Participate in and practice research based teaching and learning strategies
  • Learn about topics such as: Online and hybrid learning, electronic books, ,obile learning devices, high impact practices, effective writing assignments, learning assessment, and team based learning
  • Receive instruction, mentoring and technical support in integrating emerging technology into your course
  • Receive an iPad if you complete all Institute commitments


What are you committing to do?

  • Redesign a course using effective teaching strategies
  • Experiment with learning technology in your redesigned course
  • Attend Summer Institute: May 27, 28, 29, and 30, 9 am – 3 pm
  • Attend two follow up days:
    • Workshop Day: Wednesday January 21, 2015  9am – 12 noon
    • Showcase Day: Friday March 6, 2015  12:00 noon -1:30 pm
    • Provide a poster illustrating your course redesign project
    • Survey students in redesigned course and provide data to help us understand the impact of this institute on student learning.


How to Apply: This is the Graduate Student Application Period ONLY! Please Apply Online!

  1. Who reviews the applications? Applications are reviewed by a committee of 8 Teaching Institute Committee members.
  2. Applications are reviewed using the rubric belowTaking into account the priority ranking and the rubric scores, committee consensus is used to arrive at a final participant list. Applications are reviewed using the rubric below and using the priority ranking committee consensus is used to arrive at a final participant list.
  3. Do you have to be a tenured or tenure track faculty to be selected? No, although priority is given to tenure and tenure track faculty, part time lecturers have been participants in past summer institutes.
Applicants were selected based on the following criteria:
  1. Need for professional development opportunity
  2. Expressed interest and motivation to engage in course revision based on current and emerging technology
  3. Ability and commitment to participate in all Summer Teaching Institute activities

Priority ranking:

  1. New Tenure track Faculty
  2. Tenure track faculty
  3. Part time faculty or Lecturer with 3 year contracts and FERP faculty
  4. Part time faculty or Lecturer without 3 year contracts but with contract to teach next semester
  5. Graduate students or auditors (may attend as a guest but not eligible for an iPad unless supported by external grant)

 TI Applicants Evaluation Rubric

Find out what your colleagues learned at the 2011 Teaching Institute!

Link to the Teaching Institute Wiki here.